Ezekiel Elliott Finds His Stolen Dog

The city of Columbus was on alert Monday, when Ohio State star Ezekiel Elliott announced that his 1-year-old dog, Chase, had been stolen from his father's backyard.

According to My Fox 28, thieves had cut a hole in the chain-link fence of Chase's enclosure. Elliott's father, Stacy, posted a missing dog poster to Twitter, including pictures of the dog and Ezekiel's cell number in case people had any information.

Fortunately, this sad story has a happy ending: Chase was found unharmed and chained to a random fence in Columbus. Police haven't said how or where the dog was found .

"It's one of the happiest days of my life," said Ezekiel's father to My Fox 28.

Police did capture the suspects, but Ezekiel decided not to press charges.

Given how the dog was chained up and left to be discovered, it seems like the thieves stole the dog without realizing how famous it was.

Elliott bought his dog in spring of 2014, and named him after the Buckeyes' slogan for the 2014 season, "The Chase."

The team won the national championship, so Chase has become something of a pseudo-mascot, if not the most beloved dog of Buckeye Nation.

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