Seagulls have a long relationship with Oakland Coliseum, with swarms making a number of appearances over the years. Chalk that up to the price of playing a baseball game so close to a major body of water.

Usually, the presence of seagulls is harmless, if a little invasive. But last night, the seafaring birds were particularly aggressive.

Chicken fingers were reportedly pilfered from fans, and the gulls were so dense in the outfield that Athletics players were placing their gloves on top of their hats, helpless to clear the field and just hopeful that the birds didn't hit them with any unwanted deposits.

The San Francisco Giants have had similar problems on the other side of the bay. There's no obvious solution to the problem -- oftentimes, the interference only goes on for a short while, and then it's back to business as usual.

If the problem persists, it might be time for Randy Johnson to unretire his cannon of an arm and remind those birds the perils of spending too much time at a baseball field.

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