Marshawn Lynch didn't want any old fish tank. He wanted a custom display to marvel at, and he got it.

In Wednesday's episode of "Tanked," on Animal Planet, Lynch will be featured as the show's experts put together the perfect tank for his tastes. The "Beast Mode" tank features aggressive breeds of fish and other subtle touches that respond to aspect of Lynch's brand.

Perhaps the coolest feature: A bottle of Hennessey custom-made to honor the Seahawks as Super Bowl champions. The bottle is on display in the aquarium waters.

Also featured in the episode is NBA star Dwight Howard, whose love for snakes gets a brighter spotlight: The "Tanked" experts have built him a combination snake and fish tank that would cost the average person "$50,000 to 60,000." The snakes and fish occupy the same tank space and can both access the water, but an acrylic divider keeps the snakes from coming in contact with the fish.

Needless to say, Howard's tank reigns as the creepier of the two. Here's the more pressing question: How do you build a fish tank for a man who only gives one-word answers?

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