At the "Pups in the Park" promotion at Dodger Stadium, dogs from around the Los Angeles area were brought to the ballpark for a little fun in the sun.

One came more prepared than the others. Gizmo T. Pug, a special pug correspondent to the Los Angeles Times, was ready to report on the event. Armed with a video camera mounted to his back, the pup brought viewers around the stadium and face-to-face with other dogs at the game.

As far as ideas go, this one was worth its weight in gold. Gizmo proved a great tour guide, interacting with a number of dogs throughout the park. He also proved popular among fans, earning some much-deserved scratches.

But nothing beats watching Gizmo take his seat in the stands and enjoy the game. The scene was as hilarious as it was adorable.

It seems crazy that no one had thought of this before, but thanks to Gizmo's video, the world is surely a better place today than it was last week.

Meanwhile, it's time to open the gates to dogs on a more regular basis. America's past time meets man's best friend: What else do you want?

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