As if searching for an apartment in the pricey Bay Area wasn't already stressful enough, one landlord made things extra difficult for Oakland A's southpaw Sean Doolittle and his girlfriend.

Doolittle's girlfriend, Eireann Dolan, describes the process on her blog, Thank You Based Ball. She writes about the struggle of finding a place to live for only part of the year:

"It’s not always easy trying to find a place to live for six or seven months at a time. When the realtor asks when the move out date is and you say ehhhhh Septemberish, but hopefully the end of October? you can almost see them imagining themselves throwing out your application in favor of one of the bazillions of tech people applications."

Doolittle and Dolan did end up finding a good place, but as Dolan writes, the landlord made a bizarre request:

"The only catch was that we had to create a resume for our dog to attach to our application. I asked the realtor if this meant just like, a few sentences about Stella explaining her breed, health, and temperament. The realtor said, 'think of it as a formal resume that you might submit when you are seeking a job.'"

Sure enough, Dolan went ahead and drafted a document for the couple's 5-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback, Stella (pictured below, with Sean):

Dolan writes that Stella went to "DePaw University" and that she "spends every offseason continuing to be a dog."

Alas, despite Dolan's effort, the couple was not approved for the apartment. But the landlord's rationale was unrelated to Stella. As Chip Johnson reported in SFGate, the couple's car is five inches taller than the garage stall provided for it.

Doolittle and Dolan are making a name for themselves in the Oakland community. Doolittle is a key part of Oakland's bullpen, and he earned his first All-Star appearance last year. Before the 2014 season he signed a five-year, $10.5 million with the team.

Dolan made headlines this week when she offered to buy $3,000 worth of unwanted tickets to Oakland's LGBT Pride Night on June 17.

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