It's hard to say what was going through the bison's mind, but one thing is clear: It had a beef, and it wasn't going to back down.

In a crazy video from Yellowstone Park, tourists driving an SUV are brought to a stop as several bison block the roadway. This is a normal occurrence in Yellowstone, where bison are numerous and roam free.

But things take a strange turn when one of the bison quickly turns up the road. It's soon apparent that the bison has one thing on its mind: Teaching a faraway SUV a lesson.

Fortunately, that SUV driver had a camera running.

It's not entirely clear what prompted the fit of rage, but it's not all that strange for bison to get agitated, either. What is surprising is that the car was at a complete stop and pretty far away -- most of the 30-second video consists of the bison simply running full-speed up the road, closing in on its target.

According to a second video posted to YouTube, the damage caused by the bison totaled $2,787.82 -- "more than a dollar per pound of the 2,000 pound bison." Here's a video showing the aftermath:

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