Poor Fritz.

A golden retriever with rather slow reflexes, this dog has become an Internet sensation thanks to a humorous video uploaded by his owner. During the course of many weeks, Fritz's owner tossed all sorts of treats at the dog, and none of them landed in his mouth. A steak, a donut and even a hot dog all bounced off Fritz's body and fell astray.

Here's the video, which includes a nice use of slow-mo:

For those worrying that Fritz eats like an obese human, fear not. His owner had this to say in the video's comments section:

"I definitely don't let him eat all this. I intercept the food and he gets a little. Plus, he only gets a food tossed to him about once a week. The rest of the time he eats healthy dog food and exercises to maintain his manly physique."

As for bad eyesight, it seems that's out of the question too:

"It’s funny, he shows no other signs of bad eyesight. He’s much better with a tennis ball. I think he might get overly excited with the food and he commits too soon!"

Hopefully Fritz learns from his mistakes, otherwise it appears as though he'll be eating dog food and french fries for the rest of his life.

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