If you're a bulldog, this has been a less-than-thrilling week. Two of the sporting world's most prominent animal mascots faced some harrowing circumstances -- and one couldn't overcome the odds.

In New York City, Butler's mascot, Blue III, got a little too excited on the court during a break. He threw up on the hardwood due to what his handlers said what an overdose on excitement.

Fortunately, Blue III live-tweeted the experience for us.

Blue III was able to make a full return and enjoy the rest of the game:

The ending was not so happy at Fresno State, where its beloved bulldog mascot, Victor E. II, died unexpectedly from a bee sting that sent him into a severe anaphylactic shock.

Victor E. II would have turned 3 in April.

Shortly before his puking fit, Blue III tweeted out his condolences to Fresno State.

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