In a new video quickly going viral, some visitors to Washington state's Olympic Game Farm were caught off guard by the aggressive nature of a hungry buffalo. While driving through a contained area that featured bison and other animals, one car cross paths with an animal that wasn't afraid to stick its head in an open window and score some extra bread.

And the camera was rolling the whole time. As the video's owner, Caroline Walker Evans, explains to ThePostGame, visitors are allowed to buy a loaf of bread they can feed the animals while driving through.

In the case of the buffalo, cars are told not to stop because the animals can be aggressive. But with a long line of slow traffic in front of them, the car couldn't exactly escape the situation.

"There were actually quite a few people in front of us that had slowed down, and we were unable to go as fast as we probably should have been going," Evans says.

Evans said that she has visited the park in the past and never had an experience where an animal was so aggressive.

This time was different.

"Perhaps just the time of day we were there or the weather or maybe they were just especially hungry but they were a little scarier this go around," Evans says. "We never felt endangered at all, just probably had a bit of adrenaline rush from such a huge animal being so close."

Evans does admit that the experience was a little freaky, especially when the buffalo's tongue started stretching out for the bread. In the end, though, the animal got what it wanted, and everyone went home happy.

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