Spring Training isn't always a relaxing trip to sunny paradise.

Just ask the Arizona Diamondbacks, Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox. The three clubs share the Camelback Ranch facility in Glendale, and recently they've been forced to accommodate some unwelcome guests.

A host of scorpions have been spotted at Camelback Ranch, and one even stung John Chapper, who is the Dodgers' director of media relations.

Thankfully, Chapper wasn't seriously injured.

A few more scorpions were captured on the White Sox side of the facility.

Newly acquired Chicago pitcher Jeff Samardzija, who recently purchased a home in the Phoenix area, isn't worried about the arachnids. But he did offer an unnerving word of advice to his teammates and anyone else in scorpion territory.

“They’re not big deal really,” Samardzija told ESPNChicago. “As long as they’re dead and on your floor, you can pick them up. But you always have to check your shoes is what it is. Every morning when you go to put on your shoes, shake them out to make sure there are no albino scorpions in there.”

If a member of one of these teams were to get bit by a scorpion it would certainly make for a bizarre story, but it may not even make the list of weirdest maladies suffered by a baseball player.

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