The University of Texas has made a lot of money by betting that love for the Longhorns knows no bounds. That's why the school has the Longhorn Network -- a 24-hour cable channel devoted to Texas athletics.

On Christmas Day, that Longhorn love will be exemplified in the most literal form you could imagine: the Longhorn Network will air a five-hour, commercial-free special that features mascot Bevo the Longhorn grazing in a field.

The move is ostensibly an improvisation on the yule log/faux fire tradition that features TV stations devoting air time to broadcasting video of a warm fire flickering and crackling to the background of Christmas music.

In that context, Bevo figures to be as entertaining as its predecessors.

Amazingly, Bevo will be up against a competing SEC Network broadcast of the real deal: a fireplace.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

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