A dog born with deformities in his front legs has been given second life thanks to the kindness and ingenuity of his new owner.

Born in August 2013, Derby's former owners considered sending him to a shelter to be euthanized. Instead they left him at Peace and Paws Dog Rescue, a rescue home in New Hampshire.

When Tara Anderson, a director at a 3D printing company, first adopted Derby he had a set of wheels to help him get around. But Anderson wanted to give Derby even more freedom, so she and her company, 3D Systems, created a pair of prosthetic legs for the pup.

Derby's legs were scanned and modeled and a ProJet 550X 3D Printer was used to make the new legs. According to BuzzFeed, the actual printing of the prosthetics only took a matter of hours.

Now, Derby routinely runs two or three miles a day.

Here's Derby's inspiring story:

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