Bode Miller isn't leaving the sporting world. He's just changing his scenery. The Olympic skier, whom many believe made his final Olympic appearance in 2014, has revealed plans to become a professional horse trainer.

Miller's decision is not an impulsive one. He has been a known fan of horse racing for years. Over that time, he's become close friends with Bob Baffert -- so close that Baffert named one of his children Bode.

Now, Baffert will also serve as Miller's mentor as he enters the world of full-time horsetraining. As he revealed to In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Miller is in the process of buying a horse training facility in Kentucky, where his training work will be based.

In the meantime, Miller isn't done skiing competitively. But he knows the end is near, and he doesn't expect to continue skiing all the way to the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Check out a sneak peak of the interview:

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