Manziel, Wiggins, LeBron ... Swagger.

There's a new Fantastic Four in Cleveland.

Cleveland Browns VP of Marketing Kevin Griffin informed Chris Fillar of WKRK-FM, 92.3 The Fan Cleveland, the franchise will have a new mascot: A bullmastiff named "Swagger" will lead the Browns into FirstEnergy Stadium eight Sundays in the fall (unless new head coach Mike Pettine is thinking postseason).

Bullmastiffs are known for their stout appearance and short muzzle. Perhaps the most popular is "Butkus," Rocky Balboa's dog. Swagger's role may be to display brute prowess, similar to the job of such collegiate mascots as Georgia's Uga and Auburn's War Eagle.

The dog is an extension of the Dawg Pound, the east end zone bleacher section at FirstEnergy Stadium. It will be intriguing to see how the mascot connects with the rowdy fans.

Swagger will not be the first Browns' mascot. Although not an in-person presence, the old Browns (now the Baltimore Ravens) and the current Browns dabbled with "Brownie the Elf," a human logo. More recently, the Browns have used "Chomps," a traditional plushy dog mascot. According to the Browns' website, Chomps' home is the Cleveland Browns Dog Pound. His favorite foods are roasted raven and baked Bengal tiger (where are the Steelers references?). There is no sign of Swagger kicking Chomps out of Cleveland.

This may be a sign of Brian Hoyer losing his job as the Browns' starting quarterback, but that is another story. Welcome to the Johnny Football/Swagger Era (that fits) in Cleveland.

Note: Fillar tweeted out an Instagram and a tweet sent by the NFL about "Swagger," but both have since been deleted by the NFL accounts. did have this confirmation.

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