If you're going to kiss on alligator on the lips, it's a good idea to make sure its mouth is taped shut.

Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter did just that before delivering a smooch to an alligator on a dare from teammate Justin Verlander.

Hunter posted the photo on Instagram along with the following caption:

"My homey @justinverlander dared me to kiss an alligator. #defeatmyfear #stillfearit #madeboots"

Even though the alligator's mouth is taped shut, give Hunter credit for still getting this close. Apparently he's got a fear of alligators, so this is a pretty significant hurdle for him to overcome.

Justin Verlander, it seems, is having the time of his life at spring training. He's driving luxury cars to workouts, hanging out with his supermodel girlfriend and dishing out dares to teammates. And, oh yeah, he'll be making his first start of the spring on Thursday.