Darnell Dockett, he of the bizarre social media pursuit of Katherine Webb, appears to be training for a post-NFL career as a zookeeper.

Two years ago the Arizona Cardinals' defensive tackle showcased his pet gator on Twitter and even tried to bring it to training camp. PETA, for one, was not happy with Dockett.

And now the 32-year-old Dockett appears to have purchased a new exotic animal, which he reportedly tried to bring to training camp. In an interview with Phoenix's Fox Sports 910, Dockett said he recently brought home a 60-pound baby tiger named Little Buddy.

"It's the coolest thing ever," Dockett said.

Dockett tweeted that when he tried to bring Little Buddy to training camp, the security guard was dumbfounded.

"You got to be f------ kidding me, that's amazing" the guard reportedly said.

As it turns out, Little Buddy wasn't the only animal Dockett has been interested in. He also tweeted that he was close to purchasing a monkey named Skeeter, and even offered a breeder $30,000, but he was turned down.

"The dude would not sell it," Dockett told Fox Sports 910. "I offered him a price that the only other person who would offer him that much is probably Michael Jackson, rest in peace, but he wouldn't even entertain my offer when it came to the monkey."

It's a shame that Dockett was rebuffed in his attempt to buy Skeeter, because it sounds like he had big plans for the primate.

"Could you picture that on game days? I'm coming to the game, I have my monkey with me, he has my jersey on," Dockett said. "Think about it. After the game, the fans see me with the monkey, ticket sales go up, Dockett jersey sales go up. Why? Because they all want to see me with the monkey."