Elliott Gould has starred in some major Hollywood hits including M*A*S*H, American History X and Ocean's Eleven. One of Gould's less memorable projects was the 1978 film called Matilda in which he portrays the manager of a boxer ... who just happens to be a kangaroo.

As you might suspect, the movie bombed. But perhaps the premise wasn't that far-fetched when you consider the video footage just shot from a zoo in China.

There isn't much context provided aside from the video's title "Kangaroo fights back after being slapped by zoo keeper for no apparent reason."

But the kangaroo shows it has skills and no fear (or the ability to hide it well) as it expertly works the zookeeper into the corner.

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It's not really a fair comparison because Matilda featured a man wearing a kangaroo costume, but here's the trailer: