Andrew James may have spent a lot of time around the Otago Highlanders, but his first -- and hopefully last -- tackle may have been one of the most important yet.

James, after all, is the Australian rugby team's mascot and wears a chicken suit to drum up fan support during games.

But as this amazing video shows, James was put into action over the weekend when a streaker ran onto the field and interrupted play during the Highlanders' game against the Blues.

"I felt as a mascot it was part of my duty," he told the Otaga Daily Times. "I had to stop him at all costs. So I gave it my all, showed some toe and managed to catch him."

James, according to the report, took a breather and then resumed his duties as the team's mascot, chicken suit back on and all.

"I saw there were no security guards on him so I thought I would just do my best and try to save the day," he added to the paper. "I started running ... as fast as I could and then I just dove and tackled him."

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Left unanswered is why the mascot of a rugby team in Australia was wearing a James Harden jersey.