Even by minor league promotional standards, a new move by the Double-A Reading Fightin' Phils is pretty unique.

The team added an ostrich to its logo this offseason, and executives figured there's no better way to promote the new logo than to have a couple of live birds at all home games. So in partnership with a local agriculture community, the organization will keep two female ostriches in the raised outfield pasture behind centerfield at America's Classic Ballpark.

Before and after the game the birds will be on display in front of the stadium, welcoming fans to the game.

"We were thinking outside the box, the idea came up," said Scott Hunsicker, the club's general manager. "Then we thought, 'Are we sure we want to do this?'"

As it turns out, ostriches are farm animals, so they can be housed at a stadium. And according to Hunsicker, the ostriches could even benefit from their summer at the ballpark.

"They very well may have had their lives extended spending their summer at FirstEnergy Stadium rather than being harvested for all the good things they provide," Hunsicker said.

The hope with the animals is to engage children in the team and encourage more families to venture out to the ballpark.