We've seen friendships between a deer and a dog as well as a lion and a dog. But a man and a pelican?

This has to be a first.

Three months ago Richard Dunn, a dock worker at the Island Moorings Marina in Port Aransas, Texas, saw a pelican with a fishing hook stuck in his breast and wing. So Dunn caught the pelican and removed the hook. Dunn thought that was the end of their relationship.

But the next day, the pelican -- since named Pete -- was back. And ever since that initial meeting, Pete has returned to Dunn's side to accompany him throughout his work day. The two have become so close that when someone asks Dunn about Pete, sometimes Dunn is embarrassed to say he doesn't know where Pete is.

"It makes me feel guilty," Dunn told KIII TV in Texas.

Pete, who won't come close to strangers, even jokes around with Dunn. On occasion, when Dunn tries to feed Pete, the pelican will bite Dunn's hand, roll over and put his wing over his head.

"He's quite the ham sometimes," Dunn said.

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