An adorable rabbit has become a viral sensation after an innovative wheelchair gave her a second chance at life.

Lily, a lionhead bunny, was paralyzed in an accident early in her life. She was brought to the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary with a broken back, and instead of putting her down, the veterinarians decided to amputate her legs to save them from shriveling.

A special cart, made out of PVC pipe, hobby store wheels and a harness was crafted for Lily. And it has worked wonderfully.

“I think when people see that -- they're amazed," Marilyn Riha-Kourvelas, Lily's new owner, said of her cart. "We just don't see rabbits in carts. We don't see people take the time to do the extra, above and beyond to make sure they have a special life and a wonderful life."

As you can see in the video, the cart allows for almost a full range of motion for Lily.

"[Lily] does like her independence," Riha-Kourvelas said. "So, when she gets down in that cart, she will take off and there's no stopping her."

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