For the people who thought this year's Slam Dunk Contest was a little too dull, here's someone who can spice it up: Eddie the sea otter.

Eddie, a 15-year-old otter at the Oregon Zoo, was found to have arthritis in his elbows last year. So as a way to relieve some of the stress and get Eddie exercising, his trainers discovered a creative solution.

"There aren't many natural opportunities for Eddie to work those arthritic elbow joints," Jenny DeGroot, the zoo's lead sea otter keeper, told the zoo's website. "Because sea otters don't use their front limbs to swim -- they swim by moving their back legs and flippers. So training him with the basketball hoop was a way to get Eddie using those front limbs more regularly."

That's right, the zoo keepers taught a sea otter how to dunk. And while Eddie practices his craft away from the public viewing areas, this adorable video shows him throwing down like only an otter could.