When Rocky the raccoon swiped a man's phone at a South Florida golf course recently, Rocky probably figured he had just earned himself his most valuable piece of loot yet.

What Rocky didn't realize is that the iPhone -- with its GPS tracking app -- not only made it a poor choice of booty, it also exposed Rocky's secret hiding spot.

After a recent round at Okeeheelee Golf Course near West Palm Beach, Fla., Brian Acker realized his phone was missing. So his wife used a tracking device on her phone to locate Acker's iPhone, and they saw that it was still on the golf course.

Acker and his wife returned to the course to track down the phone, and when they pinged it they heard that it was stuck in a tree. Golf course workers found the phone in the tree, along with food wrappers from Rocky's discarded (and stolen) treats.

"He has a taste for open food items left in golf carts and shiny items," Okeeheelee General Manager Mac Hood told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "The raccoon just saw something he liked and he went in there and grabbed it."

The phone was returned without any damage, but Rocky remains on the loose.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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