Who says you need opposable thumbs to paint?

A racehorse-turned-painter in northern Maryland is proving that when there is a will to draw, there is surely a way.

The horse's name is Metro, and he tallied 8 wins and $300,000 in prize money as Metro Meteor, a star racehorse. But creaky knees ended Metro's career, and he was adopted by Ron and Wendy Krajewski.

The Krajewski's introduced Metro to painting, and it was love at first stroke.

But it wasn't only Krajewski's influence on Metro that got the horse interested in art. After all, you can lead a horse to a canvas, but you can't make it paint.

Metro himself had to have some desire to draw, and Krajewski says it's evident in his body language.

"You can see how impatient he gets when he doesn't have a brush," Krajewski told WHP-TV news.

And Metro's paintings, all of which are abstract, have done well on the market. Krajewski says Metro's pieces sell for $40-$300, with all of the proceeds going to care for horses like Metro that are put up for adoption.

To see Metro's artwork, check out his Facebook page.

(H/T to Business Insider)

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