A family in Modesto, Calif., escaped from its burning home, and they may have their dog to thank for saving their lives.

Jessica Horne, her father and her 6-year-old son were sleeping when they heard their dog, Brick, begin to whine and bark loudly. Brick also jumped on Jessica's father's bed.

Once the Hornes realized the fire was coming from their garage, they rushed out of their house.

"None of us smelled smoke," Jessica told KCRA News. "We could've slept right through it and it probably would have been a lot worse than what it really did. So yeah, he's definitely considered our hero."

While Jessica, her father, her son and Brick made it out alive, their other dog, Buddy, wasn't so lucky.

"I feel grateful that we're all and here," Jessica said. "It sucks that we lost a dog in the process, but at least we're all here, we're all alive."

The family said it had taken down the fire alarms in the house because it was being redecorated.

(H/T to Daily Mail)

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