With final exams around the corner at many universities, college students are understandably stressed.

And so in an effort to help students relieve some tension, one Canadian university has come up with the ultimate solution: a room full of puppies.

That's right, Dalhousie University in Halifax will be opening a "Puppy Room" from Dec. 4 through Dec. 6 where students can go to kick back and enjoy some quality time with a plethora of pooches.

Mark Grant owns a St. Bernard named Roc which will be hanging out in the puppy room. He told the CBC that just being around dogs may help students take their mind off their work, if only for a few minutes.

"They can come in and sit down, they can pat the dogs, talk to the dogs," Grant said. "That's our hope – that the dogs will bring as much comfort to the individuals that we're going to meet as the individuals will bring to the dogs."

Dalhousie student Michael Kean heard about a dog therapy program from some students at McGill University in Montreal, and he loved the concept. The students get an instant stress reliever while the dogs get some serious love and affection. Kean called it a "a win-win on all fronts."

"It's a great idea," Kean said. "There's no downfall about therapy dogs. Students, we're stressed out, don't know what to do, and they're fluffy. It comes down to that."

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