If you think acupuncture is only for humans, think again.

The treatment is becoming more and more common for dogs, and the owners of these canines are singing the praises of the procedure.

"The goal is quality of life," Lisa Johnson, a dog owner in North Carolina, told KVUE.com of the procedure. "We want him to be as happy and healthy as long as he can."

Dr. Kim Hombs, who has performed the procedure, says the treatment is not just a fad. It actually works.

"For instance, there’s one that is two behind the ribcage called the kidney points," Hombs says, "which doesn't sound like it would have to do with the back but in Chinese medicine kidney meridian has to do with bone strength back strength."

Hombs says the needles sit in the dogs for 20 minutes before they are removed, and the treatment costs $70 per session.

Some owners even get acupuncture for themselves and their dogs.

"He's like a different dog and he's almost 13 years old,” Charlene Mangione said of her cocker spaniel, Tigger. "When I get home today he'll want to drag me around the neighborhood."

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