Trapped in a soccer net with no escape in sight, one Tennessee deer was probably preparing for the worst. But thanks to the quick thinking of a few employees at the Episcopal School in Knoxville, Tenn., this doe lived to see another day.

School administrators received phone calls early Tuesday morning regarding a deer that was tangled in the net on the school's soccer field. Several employees went to check out the scene, and they found that a deer had indeed trapped itself in the goal.

"The way she was struggling she was going to lose consciousness pretty quickly," said Matthew Luce, one of the men sent to check out the scene. "Her neck was tied up and constricted. So it was good we got there when we did."

Luce along with Greg Turnbow freed the deer from the net, while Gary Phillips Jr. filmed the rescue.

The doe is lucky that the situation didn't escalate. Because this has happened before, and the process of freeing the deer wasn't exactly this simple for the rescuers.

(H/T to Off the Bench)

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