If, during the San Francisco Giants' magical postseason run, you felt like the Giants were getting some sort of otherworldly assistance, you may have been correct.

As it turns out, when the Giants were down 2-0 to the Cincinnati Reds in the NLDS, an orange-headed Francois langur monkey was born at the San Francisco Zoo. The Giants won three games in a row against the Reds, recovered from a 3-1 deficit to the Cardinals in the NLCS and went on to sweep the Detroit Tigers in the World Series.

All langurs are born with orange hair, but it's hard not to appreciate the timing of this primate's birth.

"Things have turned literally since she's been born," said Abigail Tuller, a spokeswoman for the San Francisco Zoo. "She seems to have her strongest powers when the Giants are behind."

The zoo even placed a sign outside the infant's enclosure that reads "Lucky Langur lives here." People have started touching the Giants logo on the sign for good luck.

The monkey remains unnamed, but the zoo is holding a contest on Facebook to determine the most popular name. Current frontrunners are "Posey," for Giants catcher Buster Posey, and "Scutaro," for San Francisco infielder Marco Scutaro.

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