Every now and then a story comes out about a few animals breaking out of the zoo. Usually the reason behind the escape is human error or some sort of broken equipment.

Not this time. Three kangaroos escaped from a German zoo thanks to a pair of holes dug by a young fox and a wild boar.

You read that right.

Zoo officials say the fox snuck into the zoo and dug a hole which allowed the kangaroos to break out of their enclosure. Then, two of the kangaroos used another hole dug by a wild boar to escape from the park entirely. Both the fox and the boar live in the woods surrounding the zoo.

Michael Hoffmann, assistant head of the zoo, said two of the three kangaroos have been captured while one remains on the loose.

In a bizarre coincidence, almost one month ago, five chimpanzees broke out of their enclosure in a separate German zoo and roamed around the park.

This is either a serious problem or the plot to Madagascar 4.

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