There were two beauty pageants held in China last weekend. One set out to crown the most beautiful woman. That was the Miss World competition.

The other pageant set out to determine the most beautiful cow. That was the Miss Dairy Cow Pageant.

While the world's most gorgeous women gathered in northern China, 200 cows competed for a 50,000 yuan prize ($7,900) in the central Chinese province Shanxi. The contest was reportedly designed to promote the dairy industry of Shanxi's Shanyin County. According to the Wall Street Journal, the cows were judged on appearance, milk and pedigree.

You'll see that the contest featured several bikini-clad women milling around the cows. These women did not go unnoticed, and the state-run newspaper People's Daily ran an editorial questioning the ladies' place at the event.

“Beautiful girls have far greater ability to attract attention that the milk cow contestants,” it read. “How do you think that makes the cows feel?”

For photos of the event, see here.

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