Captain Mark Martin is used to catching 60-and 80-pound Mako sharks. So you can imagine his surprise when he and two friends landed an 800-pound Mako shark in a recent catch-and-release tournament.

Martin, Alex Beck and Kieth Langford were competing in the Flying Mako Fishing Tournament near San Diego when they saw a larger-than-normal shark approach the boat. The shark eventually took Beck's line, which is when the excitement started.

Before you watch this video, you should know that the men use strong language in expressing their excitement.

"The best part of the video is the reverence you get watching this beautiful creature," Martin said. "And it's fitting because the whole premise behind the tournament is promoting 'the sustainability, conservation, and sound management of mako sharks and the other apex predators.'"

So the shark gets to live another day, and these guys have the story of their lives. A true win-win.

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