There's been no shortage of pets with assortments of strange talents and tricks over the years, and we see even more of them as more home videos get uploaded to the Internet. But the ability to simultaneously channel two talents sets Runty apart from the rest of the crowd.

Runty harnesses his inner Lady Gaga (or Joey Harrington, if you're a stickler about this needing a sports hook), and while he wails while tickling the ivories, we find it hard to believe he was born this way.

There's no question the feat is impressive. In fact, that's better than any of us can play the piano while singing, but that's not necessarily a compliment. While Runty's schtick is great for a short web video, it seems like the kind of thing that would drive an owner to lock the piano up and throw away the keys, to prevent any further off-key catastrophes.

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