You're just sitting at the poker table with your buddies, minding your own business, trying to keep the cards close to the vest, and then WHAM, a bull just takes you out at full speed. You expect a lot of gimmicks with your card playing buddies, but this went above and beyond a bizarre pair of sunglasses or a creepy staring obsession.

Granted, you probably shouldn't have been playing poker in the middle of a rodeo ring, but why split hairs? And yes, this just happened at the Ft. Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (running through Feb. 4, if you've got time to mosey on over).

It's hardly fair for us to mock getting railroaded by large, foul-tempered cattle, but it is hilarious, despite the fact that there's no way anyone at ThePostGame is equipped to withstand this kind of collision. It would take exorbitant amounts of money to get anyone here to even think about it. We definitely couldn't just get up and jog away like these guys do, either. We would probably lay motionless in the dirt, gasping for breath and hoping the bull miraculously uses emotion and logic to grant us mercy. Or sweet, merciful death. Either way.

But perhaps the most absurd part of the whole ordeal is that the object of the game, apparently, is to be the last man sitting at the table. A roulette of sorts, determined by the whims of an animal that has killed or maimed its fair share of people over the course of history.

Are you not entertained? Then maybe you just need to see it in person. There's still two weeks to catch the action in Texas. If by some chance you get asked to join a poker game, you should decline, just in case.

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