Jub Jub the St. Bernard has a small cult following on YouTube (he recently balanced a lacrosse stick on his nose to the tune of over 230,000 views), but the canine's latest challenge is a bit more multifaceted.

The monstrous mutt takes on a boy named Nate in a little game of one-on-one football, and, aided by an epic soundtrack, the match-up is about as even as they come.

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We're not sure what's more entertaining, the football showdown, or Nate's attempt to walk Jub Jub at the end of the video. And who would win an actual football game between 11 Jub Jubs and 11 boys just like Nate? You may think the answer is obviously the boys, and you'd have an entirely valid argument. After all, there would likely be untold procedure and alignment penalties committed by the dog. But they seem like a bunch that could swarm to the ball in numbers.

Quick, someone make this happen!

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