If it were up to the buses in and around Seattle, the Mariners would be undefeated.

A clever new advertising ploy has the buses in the Emerald City outfitted with scoreboards that are both practical and pretty (for Mariners fans, at least). The buses have a scoreboard drawn on their back window with the opponent's score set to 0 and the Mariners' score as the route number.

Here's what they look like:

The ads are the brainchild of the Copacino + Fujikado agency.

Seattle is on a roll with clever advertising, as this video spot was one of the best of the preseason.

As the for the actual Mariners, well, their run differential isn't what these ads might lead some to believe. The Mariners aren't getting much from their bats, and their measly 3.6 runs-per-game average has them at a -19 run differential.

Seattle is 9-11 and in third place in the AL West.

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