Of all of Floyd Mayweather's lavish purchases, perhaps none represent the boxer's extravagant lifestyle better than his enormous fleet of cars.

Mayweather owns several dozen cars -- that's right, dozen -- and these aren't exactly pre-owned rides from CarMax.

The extent of Mayweather's love for cars has become clear in the lead-up to his May 2 megafight with Manny Pacquiao. There have been tours of Mayweather's garage, like the one he granted ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, in which the undefeated fighter displayed seven cars that he claimed were worth more than $15 million.

The cars in this photo alone are worth upwards of $5 million:

But that group is just a small part of Mayweather's entire collection. According to a fascinating new story from Sports Illustrated's Greg Bishop, Mayweather has bought 39 cars from a Los Angeles dealership. And the man who owns that outlet, Obi Okeke, is just one of Mayweather's two "car guys."

“He calls me in the middle of the night, whenever,” Okeke told Bishop. “He called me once at 3 a.m. and said, 'I need a Bugatti in 12 hours in my driveway.' I found a way to get it done.”

Here's an interview with Okeke in which he tells the same story:

Mayweather, it seems, treats cars the same way most people treat toy cars. Earlier this year he sent his friend and Boston Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas a $200,000 Bentley for his birthday. Thomas returned the favor by gifting his friend a painting of Mayweather smashing Pacquiao's face into pieces.

Mayweather handles the cars with the utmost care, and Okeke says Mayweather often returns cars in better condition than when he bought them.

As crazy as it sounds, these purchases are just a drop in the bucket for Mayweather, who is reportedly worth $280 million and is expected to earn between $100 million and $150 million from his fight with Pacquiao.

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