In today's football, the best quarterbacks are asked to do a little bit of everything. They throw, run and, sometimes, even catch.

So if anyone can appreciate the utility of a dual-threat car, it's NFL signal callers.

Last week Jay Cutler rolled up to Chicago Bears camp in a conversion van, and recently Washington Redskins backup Kirk Cousins revealed that he's also got one of the multi-purpose rides.

Cousins' van belonged to his 86-year-old grandfather, who passed away during the offseason. His grandmother had no use for the car, so Cousins said he would buy it off her.

"It'll serve us well," Cousins told the Washington Post, "because my wife and I each have a car, but then when people come into town it’ll kind of be a third car. And it’s perfect for driving the hour-and-a-half from Ashburn to the games. And then they can tailgate, and they’ve got a TV in there, and you can kind of carry luggage in there. So it works well when visitors come to town for games, and Julie and I will take it on road trips in the offseason."

The van, a limited edition 2000 model, seats seven passengers and has a sofa that folds into a bed.

Cousins is famously frugal, and even after getting drafted, he went a while without purchasing a car.

The 25-year-old Cousins, who is set to make $570,000 as he enters the third year of his rookie contract, said people in his hometown of Holland, Mich., were understandably surprised to see him around town in the conversion van.

“You know what, sometimes I’d pull up to a stoplight when I was driving around Holland, and I think they’d expect an elderly person or a middle-aged dad to be pulling up,” Cousins said. “And sure enough, I pull up.”

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