Behzad Zadaliasghar

Behzad Zadaliasghar can't see Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's dazzling footwork, but they can see his.

Zadaliasghar, a player for Iran's blind soccer team, undressed four Moroccan defenders and the goalkeeper with a series of tight dribbles Sunday at the Paralympics in Rio.


Iran won the match, 2-0, in the group stage of the 5-a-side soccer tournament. 5-a-side is played by those with various forms of visual impairment. Players with better eyesight are required to wear blindfolds to even play. Goalkeepers can be partially or full sighted.

Metro (UK) sums up the rules:


In any soccer setting, Zadaliasghar's moves would be seen as smooth. The fact that he is blind while dribbling the ball makes this exponentially more impressive.

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