To illustrate how 3-on-3 basketball can in some ways be tougher to play than 5-on-5, Big3 co-founder Ice Cube uses the example of Rashard Lewis, who spent 16 seasons in the NBA.

"In the NBA, I remember him as a three-point specialist," Ice Cube says. "And I was like, 'well, that's his game.' But no. When he came in the Big3, he was on the block. He was playing with his back to the basket, so he was able to show all these other moves I never knew he had watching him play in the NBA. So you have to pull out all your skills in 3-on-3."

Check out the video above for more commentary on this topic from Ice Cube, NBA Hall of Famers George Gervin and Gary Payton who are Big3 coaches, and Rashad McCants who was part of the Big3 championship team Trilogy last season.

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