Ole Miss Tailgate

The top party school in America is still in the Big Ten, according to the Princeton Review's annual rankings, but that distinction now belongs to Wisconsin, not Illinois, which dropped to third. West Virginia was second.

But none of these three schools could pull off the pigskin-party parlay: Placing in the Princeton Review's Top 20 party schools and the AP preseason Top 25 for college football.

Four colleges did, with one from the Big Ten, one from the ACC and two from the SEC. Here are the respective rankings, with the "fun index" by combining the two categories, which is hardly scientific, but what the heck?

4. Florida
Princeton Review Party Ranking: 18.
AP Preseason Football Ranking: 25.
Fun Index: 43.

3. Florida State
Princeton Review Party Ranking: 20.
AP Preseason Football Ranking: 4.
Fun Index: 24.

2. Iowa
Princeton Review Party Ranking: 6.
AP Preseason Football Ranking: 17.
Fun Index: 23.

1. Ole Miss
Princeton Review Party Ranking: 7.
AP Preseason Football Ranking: 11.
Fun Index: 18.

Obviously the AP rankings will vary each week, and Wisconsin is among those in the "Others Receiving Votes" category, but at least to kick off the season, these are your four institutions that are the best at combining two major non-academic pursuits.