Adrian Peterson Snowmobiles

Think what you got under your tree was really great? Well, it probably didn't compare to what some offensive linemen have found in front of their lockers the past few weeks. Traditionally, during the holidays quarterbacks and running backs reward the big men who protect them with gifts like custom suits, high-end bottles of wine or some other trinket.

The tradition is so much fun that baseball's Mike Trout decided to get in on the action, sending every player on his beloved Philadelphia Eagles team a pair of Nike sneakers this season.

Over the years – including 2016 – there have been some gift that are, well, better? .... different? ... more outlandish? ... than others. With 2016 behind us, here's a look at some of the more notable gifts the guys who move the ball have bestowed on the tanks that defend them.

Carson Wentz: Shotguns

Instagram Carson Wentz

MOST MANLY: Whatever you think of rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, he not only took care of his O-line, he may have made them feel more manly than just about any other front five when he bestowed upon each a personalized Beretta shotgun. And before you get all politically correct about whether it's OK to give guns as gifts, Carson, an avid hunter, reportedly talked to the offensive linemen before settling on his gift and all were on board.

"I haven't really held a gun or anything before," rookie Isaac Seumalo told ESPN. "But I'm more than thankful for it. It looks sweet. Carson said he'd teach me how to use it and all that good stuff."

Guard Brandon Brooks concurred, saying he shoots clay pigeons and had, in fact, been "looking for one of these."

Carson Palmer: Hot Tubs Hot Tub

MOST USEFUL: Credit Carson Palmer with being creative and taking the wear and tear his linemen suffer into account. In 2005, Cincinnati went 11-5, notching its first winning season since 1990. Palmer threw a league-high 32 touchdowns behind his protectors. To say thank you, Palmer had hot tubs delivered to each lineman's home.

Adrian Peterson, Tom Brady, Ezekiel Elliott: Vehicles

Twitter Snowmobiles

GIFTS WITH MOTORS: The clear winner in this department is Tom Brady, who in 2008 as part of a thanks to his linemen not just for protecting him but also for helping him to support the charity "Best Buddies" gave each lineman an Audi Q7 utility vehicle. Yes, he gave his linemen cars.

But he's not the only one to provide the O-line with wheels: Dallas rookie Ezekiel Elliott this year gave each of his linemen a John Deere UTV (which appear to start at about $4,000) to tool around at home in (and he got one for himself). In 2011 Reggie Bush gave each of the Miami Dolphins offensive lineman a Segway. A year later, Houston Texan Arian Foster did the same. Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George gave his line 4-wheelers.

And though it doesn't technically ride on wheels, a nod to Minnesota Viking Adrian Peterson, who in 2013, gave his linemen snowmobiles. Each was personalized with the player's number. Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards and was named MVP that season.

Trevor Siemian: Skittles Parka

Twitter Skittles Parka

COOL THREADS: While it's not unusual for players to give their linemen clothes – in fact, Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger gave his protectors custom suits this season – Denver quarterback Trevor Siemian gets the weirdness award here. A lover of Skittles, Siemian gave his linemen parkas that dispense Skittles, which are exactly as bizarre at they sound. The custom-made parkas, which also have fur-rimmed hoods, have a big red button on the chest that the wearer pushes and Skittles flow into a pouch on the outside of the parka. Siemian spent a lot of time working with Skittles and loves his gift, as he earnestly shows in this video.

Among the other bizarre pieces of clothing given? In 2014, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers gave his guys thongs – which must have been a joke – and this season, Denver kicker Brandon McManus bought every Bronco a warm and fuzzy onesie.

Joe Flacco, DeMarco Murray: Tech Gifts

Twitter iMac Computer

SCREEN TIME: Despite having a mediocre season, Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco didn't let his line feel unappreciated – instead he gifted all nine of them a virtual reality system on which they can play games. Flacco, who bought his front line drones last season, says he likes to stay on top of technology and his linemen appreciate it.

"Very creative," right tackle Rick Wagner said in a story on "I didn't even know this was out there yet. I've only seen pictures on Twitter."

DeMarco Murray also gets a nod in this category for buying his linemen iMacs in 2014. Murray was named NFL's offensive player of the year that season while with the Cowboys.

TVs, Jewelry, Travel

Snapchat Russell Wilson Gives TVs To Teammates

ODDS AND ENDS: Joe Montana was well-known for being appreciative of his line, but never more so than in 1990, when he gifted each with a Rolex Presidential watch, which, at the time were valued at about $10,000 each. Since Montana's generous gift, jewelry seems a little passé, as noted above.

But even as time goes on, Russell Wilson proved this year that good things still do come in small packages. The Seattle quarterback didn't just reward his offensive line, he gifted every Seahawk (including coaches, trainers and equipment staff) with two round-trip, first-class tickets on Alaska Airlines. Wilson did give his line a little extra, buying each a Samsung UHD TV.