Ben McAdoo, Chris Christie

Chris Christie has been governor of New Jersey for the past seven years despite the fact he does not root for either of the NFL teams that actually play in the state -- the Giants and the Jets. Christie is a fan of the Cowboys, the Giants' rival.

Christie, a noted sports radio junkie, appeared on "Boomer & Carton," New York's WFAN's morning show, Tuesday, filling in for Boomer Esiason. On the program, Christie called out the Giants' head coach.

"So do you think Ben McAdoo will actually get a real haircut if they make the playoffs?" he asked Craig Carton, who followed with a point about Raiders owner Mark Davis' unique appearance.

"That bar is really low," Christie added. "At least you don't have to see Mark Davis every week on the sideline every week. That McAdoo haircut and cheesy mustache…"

Now, first of all, Christie is putting himself out on a limb offering fashion advice for McAdoo, considering Christie's own fashion choices have been criticized in the past. On top of that, the Giants beat the Cowboys last Sunday night with Christie in attendance.

But McAdoo, who has his team at 9-4, is taking the chirp in stride.

"He just walked in with a shirt that said, 'Benny With The Good Hair,'" an unnamed Giant told the New York Post, referencing Wednesay's team practice. "It had a picture of his face on it with good hair."

Beyoncé's "Sorry," released in May, references "Becky with the good hair," allegedly a mistress of husband Jay Z. That backstory is neither here nor there. The important point right now is that Ben McAdoo responded to Chris Christie's comment about his shaggy hair with an amazing Beyonce reference.

Give Barstool Sports credit. They have been selling a "BENNY WITH THE GOOD HAIR" shirt since September. The company is taking credit for McAdoo's attire.

McAdoo was named head coach last January while Christie was running for president. Times have changed. Although, again, Christie is dealing with a rival with questionable hair.

If the whole politics thing does not work out for Christie going forward, maybe he can try sports radio. Or fashion design.

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