Bartolo Colon Robert Redford

Bartolo Colon's moonshot home run did eventually land, but the shockwave has not stopped. And it won't stop for a while. Colon earned co-NL Player of the Week honors for his pitching and hitting performance. Topps' limited edition baseball card depicting his home run just keeps rising in value.

And now, Colon's home run has been mashed with a scene from The Natural.

Forget Robert Redford's character, Roy Hobbs. The "Big Sexy" makes this scene much better. Look at Colon rumbling around the bases in slow motion as the lights flicker. That Gary Cohen call should be sent to the Hall of Fame immediately. Play it on repeat in the museum for the next week. Or month. Or year. Or forever.

The veteran pitcher's home run was the first of his career, despite Colon making his MLB debut in 1997. Other than 17 games in 2002 with Montreal (Colon is the MLB's last former Expo), Colon did not play for an NL team until joining the Mets in 2014. At 42 years and 349 days, Colon became the oldest player to hit his first home run. Colon is the MLB's oldest active player.

Maybe they should do this mash again with the Spanish call.

Here's the original clip:

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