Josh Collmenter

Josh Collmenter is a major league pitcher, but he's taking his teammates back to school.

In a scene you probably can't imagine outside of a Disney-backed sports movie, the Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher has taken on a strange role for his team: He's providing educational lessons on physics to his teammates.

As reported by the Arizona Republic, Collmenter -- who went to school at Central Michigan -- got started teaching his teammates to explain how a boat floats. From there, he started taking on more complex topics, such as Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.

"We were sitting around talking about some history stuff and [I was] like, 'I'm just going to start teaching you guys things,'" Collmenter told the Republic. "We just pick random topics and if anyone has a suggestion we'll talk about that.

"It's not always going to be as in-depth as this, but it sort of expounded upon what we did the first day. I think tomorrow's lesson will be a little more, not so practical, but a little more lighthearted I think."

Here's a look at Collmenter in action:

His typical class is made up of pitchers because they keep the same schedules and are always available when he's giving a lesson. But anyone on the team is welcome, and several other position players have sat in on Collmenter's lectures.

For the D-Backs pitchers, it's a way to fill in some of the dead time during the training day. And while Collmenter says it's just a way to have fun at work, he looks every bit the mad genius when educating his teammates.

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