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Director and Knicks superfan Spike Lee has a suggestion for the Academy Awards' problem with race: Look at how the NFL's addressed its issues.

Speaking on "Good Morning America," Lee said that the NFL's Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview at least one minority candidate for coach and general manager positions, has led to a much improved concentration of minorities in team leadership positions.

Spike Lee, Jeff Katzenberg

He suggested Hollywood needs to revamp its system in a similar way -- and that the lack of deserving minority actors is not a good reason for shutting them out of the Academy Awards.

"We can't go to that old tired well -- 'Well, we can't find any qualified candidates' -- that's B.S," he added.

He also says the Academy Awards aren't the only problem in Hollywood -- a culture that doesn't support minorities runs throughout the industry.

"This goes further than the Academy Awards," he said. "It has to go back to the gatekeepers."

Lee's comments came after the individual Oscars nominations featured no minority actors and actresses for the second year in a row. Other minority performers have said they will boycott the Academy Awards this year. Lee won't say he's boycotting, but he won't be in attendance.

He'll be watching the Knicks game.

Watch the whole GMA segment here:

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