Ron Rivera

They call him Riverboat Ron for a reason. But Panthers coach Ron Rivera doesn't see any reward from players riding hoverboards.

All he sees is another way to get injured. So the coach has dropped the hammer: None of his players are allowed to ride those confounded contraptions, especially at team facilities.

The rule was revealed Monday, one day after the Panthers' win over the Seahawks. Apparently the tipping point came when Rivera caught his players drag-racing their hoverboards down a team hallway.

There's a coach earning his salary: Rivera is pulling double-duty as an NFL coach and, apparently, as a father of adolescents.

In fairness, he has a point with the injury risks. People fall off hoverboards all the time, and one misplaced foot could be a turned ankle or a more serious tendon or ligament tear. It doesn't make sense for any professional athlete to be riding one -- especially guys heading into the NFC championship game.

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