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What do a megachurch pastor, Justin Bieber, and an NBA player's bathtub have in common? All three of them took part in the pop star's special Manhattan baptism in 2014, according to an upcoming issue of GQ.

The January 2016 issue features a lengthy profile on Justin Bieber's personal reinvention, and Complex reports it includes a fascinating story for sports fans. Following some turmoil in his personal life, which included some nasty PR disasters and some run-ins withthe law, Bieber wound up living with Carl Lentz, one of the top pastors at the Hillsong megachurch, which boasts a star-studded membership including Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant.

Last year, Bieber found himself "ravaged by feelings of loss" and was crying and praying with Lentz when he felt the impulse to be baptized. The two set out to perform the ceremony, but problems arose: Paparazzi were waiting when the two showed up to a hotel that rents out pools for baptisms.

In need of a pool in a private place, Lentz made a phone call to a former New York Knick who still owned a place in the city: Tyson Chandler.

Chandler, who was in Miami for a game, sent Lentz and Bieber to his building to perform the baptism in the building's pool, but it was two in the morning and the pool was closed. So the 7-foot-1 Chandler offered them the private bathtub in his condo.

Bieber went underwater, Lentz performed the baptism, and all has been well for the pop singer ever since. Well, that's not true, but he has managed to change his image, and now we have this great story about how Bieber was baptized in Tyson Chandler's tub.

What a time to be alive.


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