Stephen Curry

You may have heard that Stephen Curry is crushing the NBA. By several measures, he's eating the rest of the league alive.

So far in this young season, the Warriors star has had three separate quarters where he's scored at least 20 points. The entire rest of the NBA has combined for one.

In his last game against Memphis, Curry outscored the Grizzlies 21-15 in the third quarter. In fact, his scoring average in the third quarter is higher than Chris Paul's scoring average for an entire game.

So why is Curry suddenly appearing on the cover of Golf Digest? Perhaps it's because, at least from what we can tell, golf is the secret sauce behind his mind-blowing start to the season.

Curry's offseason, if you remember, was drenched with golf. He was very candid about how much he was playing after his basketball obligations ended in June. Curry even joined his father, Dell, for a trip east to play a round of golf with President Obama.

And in August, ThePostGame joined Curry at a golf event hosted by Degree, where he showed off his sharp skills on the driving range -- and described the joy of draining a three on the road:

Curry said he was maintaining an offseason workout regimen, but we can only go off what we saw -- and we saw a lot of golf. Meanwhile, NBA observers were skeptical that the Warriors could make a repeat run at the NBA championship, and Curry spent the offseason holding a grudge against those doubters.

Now, he's back under the arena lights and making everyone feel like an idiot. If it's possible, the Warriors this season actually look better than before. Beating a Western Conference power by 50? That'll get attentions, even when you are the defending champs.

Most NBA players have an offseason routine they go through, and many of them include training and conditioning for the upcoming basketball season. Clearly, this is moronic. The real key to success is golf. Lots of golf.

And if you'd like some tips from a true pro, here's Curry from the Degree event discussing his golf preparation:

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