Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant or Dan Snyder? Seriously, Washington fans, who would you take?

Durant, 27, a Washington D.C. native, is starting to ponder his post-basketball life. He has done pretty well for himself, financially, making approximately $54.2 million in 2015.

Durant told ESPN's Matthew Berry he is interested in owning an NFL team.

"It's a passion of mine," Durant says. "I'd definitely love to own a team hopefully one of these years towards the end of my career. So I follow it a lot."

Of course, the Oklahoma City Thunder star wants to come back east to accomplish this task.

"My first priority would be the Washington Redskins, even if it was just a small percentage," Durant said. "I just want to get involved. Growing up five minutes away from the stadium and always being a fan, I have a Redskins tattoo on my forearm. So I feel part of the team so much, so to be an owner and all the way entrenched with the team would be cool."

The Dolphins are the template for providing celebrities with minority stakes in an NFL team. The Williams sisters and Jennifer Lopez are among those with a piece in the Miami team. Snyder has not provided any hints that he would be willing to spread the love of the Redskins with Durant and others.

If Durant's fantasy football skills are indicative of his NFL management skills, a team should consider his help. Durant is 5-0 in ESPN's celebrity fantasy league, beating Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria last week. Durant's team includes fantasy surprises Devonta Freeman and Chris Ivory and reliable stars Rob Gronkowski, Brandon Marshall and Emmanuel Sanders. Durant also owns Dez Bryant and Eli Manning, two players from Washington rivals, the Cowboys and the Giants.

Is this a future NFL owner?


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Before Durant owns a team, the 2013-14 MVP still has a basketball career to tend to. The Thunder open the regular season Oct. 28 at home against the San Antonio Spurs.

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